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Mithril Mines

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                                                                                   Server Base Version:  Classic Remastered  - PvE
Hello everyone!
I'm vey exited to share a few words about our server..!
My idea was to create a classic server up to B-Grade gear, with hardcore enchant and farm.
I've collected the best features from all Lineage 2 clients ,From C 1 to last client of Essence.
I used one of late clients as base and fully reworked to remove all those features that us old school players don't like, like skins auto farm and many others. I also fully reworked almost every single item and skill but always keeping the Classic Style intact.
And lastly, I've remade formulas for skill damage, created new debuffs, new item sets , enabled old school armors like Robe of Seal by giving them their own bonuses!.
It will be a  challenge to complete our project since I want to add much more features, but for one person it's jsut a lot of work.
There server is playable, but as of now, we are missing, as the server goes on I will add everything that's missing and fix everything that's not working properly (with your help! of course!)
One of my main focus is our PvP system , all classes are relevant since we don't use mana potions, and our NPC buffer ONLY offers you basic buffs , supports are reworked but kept their own identity intact,  BD is SEMI support and a SEMI damage dealer , PP is support with extra buffs/debuffs but low heal power  ... everything will be detailed on the class information post.
This is how you will regerate your HP/MP in our server:  spend 5 pieces of wood, start a camp fire and take your time to relax and make some friends as you regenerate, you can even share your own campfire regen! 
My goal is create a realistic and enjoyable PvP & PvE system with all of classes.!

     General Information:  Mithril Mines 

XuzP3l7.png Pick up: Manual Pick up
🛠️ Disabled Skin System: Skin system doesnt fit with server theme.
🛠️ Disabled FAKE players: Its terrible to see servers with 1000 characters online and only 50 active users...  I would much prefer to have 20 online users having fun rather than artifficially inflate numbers.
🛠️  Disabled Auto-Farm: I wont accept any kind of bot, I will ban anyone who try to bypass our protection, i wanna only real players. There will be ZERO tolerance against cheating of any kind!
Armor_t71_ul_i00_0.jpg Max Gear: You can buy and Craft up to B-Grades (all other grades are disabled)
drop.png Drop List: Shift + Click for drop list
elf.png SubClass: Free ( it may be replaced later on with a custom Quest)
missions.png Mana Potions:  We dont use mana potions , only Retail Elixir`s
action113.png Class Change: 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfers are free  ( this may change in the future)
pc.png Maximum Clients per computer:  1 Client Per PC
learn.png Learn Skills: You need SP and items for Rare skills.
adena.png Adena: x1 
drop.png Drop : x1
aeOOM0X.jpg Max Level: Maximum Level 78
spoil.png Spoil : Disabled for a start, sadly,  Spoil class is used by 99% of the time as a bot class , you can play a spoiler but cant spoil !  but don't worry, we will make sure that all of you dwarf fans out there have fun with your favorite class!
image.png  Vitality: Vitality system enabled and will boost your exp x2. But be careful, it depletes faster as you level up! Will you kill as many mobs as you can, or will you save that last bit of vitality to kill a boss and take as much exp as possible? Use your vitality wisely!
etc_exp_point_i00.png XP/SP: Remember when reaching max level was and achievement and not an expectation? well, those times are back with our special "Dynamic System of XP Rates", the further you go, the harder is to keep going! Max level will only be achievable by those who are willing to put the time and effort. 
Dynamic Rates List:
  • XP/SP x5 -      1-59 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.9 -   60-61 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.8 -   61-62 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.7 -   62-63 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.6 -   63-64 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.5 -   64-65 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.4 -   65-66 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.3 -   66-67 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.2 -   67-68 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.1  -   68-69 Lv.
  • XP/SP x4.0 -  69-70 Lv.
  • XP/SP x3.0 -  70-71  Lv.
  • XP/SP x2.9 -  71-72  Lv.
  • XP/SP x2.8 -  72-73 Lv.
  • XP/SP x2.5 -  73-74 Lv.
  • XP/SP x2.0 -  74-75 Lv.
  • XP/SP x1.5 -   75-76 Lv.
  • XP/SP x1.0 -   76-77 Lv.
  • XP/SP x0.5 -  77-78 Lv.
  • XP/SP x0.3 -  78 Lv.

Buff Information

cov.jpg Buffs/Dances/Songs/Prophecies
  • 1  hours duration (subjet to change)
  • Total buff slots 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) And 12 Songs and Dances
  • The buffs can removed with ALT + RIGHT click
  • NPC Buffer with Basic buffs , including Songs/Dances ,  we use a new system so supports will be usefull, more information soon..
  • Free Buffs up to 71 lvl


Enchant System 

Br_cash_scrl_of_ench_wp_b_i00_0.jpg Enchant: We use a hardcore enchant system, Rates are based on the item's Grade and Type , you can see in-game the next success rate when you click on enchant scrolls.

D-Grades have +10% bonus , C-Grades 5% bonus, B-Grades no bonus, Legacy weapons have -10%  enchant rate, but enchants will give bigger benefits if it succeeds!

With Blessed Scrolls you have same enchant rates, doesn't break items if it fails, plus you can exceed  the max enchant level! Normal scrolls can go up to +14 and blessed can go up to +16!

Base Enchant Rates:

  • enchant="0-2" chance="100" 
  • enchant="3-4" chance="66.67" 
  • enchant="5-7" chance="46" 
  • enchant="8-9" chance="43" 
  • enchant="10-11" chance="40" 
  • enchant="12-13" chance="32" 
  • enchant="14-15" chance="14.67" 
  • enchant="16" chance="13" 


A small Preview:

1.png    Vs   Shot00009.png

Enchant Bonuses for each Lvl after +6, plus there are Armors that gives different and unique bonuses while you enchant them! 

Special Bonus: +12 Heavy and Light set add bonus stat DEX & STR and a Red glowing effect , +12 Robe set  INT & WIT and a Blue glowing effect.



Server Economy

Server's economy is based on Adena & Event Medals , you can join our Events and collect medals, or you can collect them while you hunt monsters!

Prices are set up acording to the item's strength! 

A small Preview of our shop:



Unique Items Stats

The main ideas of the new system are as follows:
  • My plan is to give the chance to every player build his character as he likes
  • Every item gives New and Unique stats
  • Accesories also give stats , you can use 2 accessories , 1 Left Slot - 1 Rifght Slot
  • Items now have new types  like , COMMON , MID , RARE , LEGENDARY , MYTHIC & LEGACY  
  • There are many items that enhances skills , so I will be so happy to confuse you on how will buld your character!  
  • Since items gives a lot of Power base player's strength has been decreased , so we start weak and as you build your character it would catch up ,and eventually surpass, the normal level of strength.
  • You will not see Casting Speed higher than , 1.350-1.450 even in a MAX SPS build + full extra buffs from our supports! 
  • Same for Fighters , Attack Speed and all other stat will remain low even on MAX build.
  • Jewels: Jewels also give stats when you have set !! so you wont buy armors for stats and jewels only for Magic Defence, Boss jewels for start ( disabled*)

Preview of some items so you can understand our ideas about unique build of each character !


Shot00010.png    Shot00011.png


Accessory Merchant Ellie , located at Hot Springs offers you lovely and unique accessories !

Accessories for Unique Builds !




Server Commands:

elf.png  Commands that help you in game.
  • .stat ( Shows all hidden stats that you character have )
  • .equip ( Shows target's inventory, so you can see his build )
  • .myparty ( Only for party leader, can be used to add or remove a mark or party members)
  • .Angle ( Allows you to see your polearm or shield angle of effectiveness, this feature is still on TEST )
  • .flag ( With this command you can see how much time you have left until you recieve RP points for your Clan when you have captured a Flag zone)
  • .premium ( Allows you to see your premium status , premium status offers 0.4 bonus of xp , auto loot & double buff time ( expect self buffs)




Farm Zones:

elf.png  Farm system is customized in order to  create a balanced economy.
  • Limited farm zones , so we keep players close and encourage pvps for their spot
  • Unique and rare drops.
  • Monster Power has increased a lot , specially in higther levels monters are very strong , Its a tragedy to see a powerfull monster and then killing it in one shot...
  • Server is PvE oriented, for players who loves chill and farm. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Spoil is disabled , we can give it back in the future, we have a system in place to avoid enabling cheaters to spoil and make unfair amounts of adena, but it requieres more testing.

Preview of our Teleporter:






⚔️Server  Events⚔️

Event : Noob Wars

Event Hours: 21:00 & 22:00  GMT +3

4 teams fight for 25 minutes

You cannot use your items , only your Hair Accesories

You can buy items in event , you can collect coins while your kill your enemys or open boxes

Event Location : Ruins of Despair

Event Reward : Event Medals


Event : Team Vs Team

Event Hours: 13:00 , 18:00 & 01:00  GMT +3

2 teams fight for 15 minutes

You can use your items , no restrictions

Event Location : Ruins of Despair

Event Reward : Event Medals


Event : Hunting Grounds

Event Hours: 15:00 , 02:00 , 06:00 & 10:00  GMT +3

2 teams fight for 15 minutes

You can`t use your items or your skills

All members of event gain 1 bow and kill each other with 1 hit , 100% friendly to new users

Event Location : Hunting Grounds

Event Reward : Event Medals

Preview of our Events:






Ranking System

The main ideas of the ranking system are as follows
  • The Ranking system gathers information about the PvP of all characters on the server and among a specific race as well;
  • Top characters in each rank receive buffs. The buffs are applied according to the character’s place in the rank during our monthly restart;
  • Global Rank:  players recieve a passive  buff ,  Rank 1 to Rank 5.
  • Race Rank: only 1st of their race recieve a passive buff.
  • Giran Arena Rank: 1st player recieve a passive buff, currently arena rank is disabled.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     112.png                             Vs                                     1942.png

New Clan System

We use the lastest Clan system from Etinas Fate Client.
  • Max Clan Members at clan lvl 15 :  5 Elite and 75 Normal Members.
  • New Clan Skill system.
  • Clan Contibrution : Currenlty disabled.
  • Currently you can collect reputation points from Events, Clan Wars & Rare Monsters, this list will updated soon.
  • Clan Shop: Currently disabled.
  • Clan Quests: Currenlty disabled.

A preview of new Clan System:



Clan Control Zone

Clans can increase their reputation points while in control of 4 zones:
  • Each zone can be captured olny by a clan leader, each leader earns a skill at clan lvl 5.
  • Each zone offers different Reputation points per hour. 
  • Zones must be secured from Clan members since every clan lvl 5 can captured it and gain reputation score.
  • When you capture a zone , you recieve a zone buff , currelty increase speed inside the zone , in future this may change. 
  • Every clan can control only 1 zone.           
  • Reputation gain by zone:
    • skill1164.png  Lair of Antharas 500;
    • skill1164.png  Blazing Swamp: 450;
    • skill1164.png  Forest of the Dead: 400;
    • skill1164.png   Enchanted Valley: 350;

Preview of Forest of the Dead Flag:





New Olympiad

 accessory_hero_cap_i00.png  Olympiad system  accessory_hero_cap_i00.png

Currently Olympiad is disabled

We will use Etinas Fate olympiad system with 3 different olympiad maps.

I will add many buffs to chooce on Olympiad buffer but maximun number I'm guessing it would be around 8 to 10.

New stat on Hero Weapons , New Hero Skills based on class & New Hero shop.

We will discus with community and decide how to set up olympiad.



Subclass System

New subclass system from Etinas Client:
  • Player LvL 75.
  • Max 3 Subclass.
  • Currently subclass change is free , maybe while we run in BETA create a cool quest for it.
  • Players can change their main class to subclass and sub to main only close to Master Raina


  • Subclass change button located to  ALT + T , check the image below.



Legendary Shop

Legendary merchant Tomas located at Dwarven Mines.
  • You can buy Legendary weapons and armors.
  • You can buy Mythic weapons and armors.
  • Currenlty all Legendary items are unavailble, Legendary stuff will be avaible when players are ready for them.

This is how you will find Legendary Merchant Toma:

  • Mithril Shop Penny located at Giran Castle Town





New Crafting System

Crafting System:
  • You can ONLY craft near the Anvil in Giran.
  • You can craft Soushots & Elixirs (subject to change)
  • Armors and weapons craft coming soon!
  • Private workshops far away from the anvil takes double the time to complete, make sure to craft near the anvil!

Preview of our Craft:

Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (1).gif



List under construction 🛠️

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